Real Estate Blog by Alexandra Serrano, REALTOR®

Home Inspections: My Clients Don't Have A Choice

My clients will have a home inspection, no matter the market trends. This is a non-negotiable for my clients unless they sign a hold harmless agreement me, it is new construction or I am provided an inspection report from the listing agent within the last two months and I speak with the inspector personally. I have lost many offers I wrote for clients because of inspections and I had to  work a little harder to find them their perfect home. Fortunately, one thing that doesn’t scare me is putting in the extra work for my clients.  

Have I found every single one of those clients a home they purchased after? Yes.  

Have they thanked me multiple times for standing my ground on having a home inspection? Yes.  

Have they since referred me to their friends and family to use me as their Realtor? 100% they have and continue to do so.  

Let me put that into perspective for you in a way that drives my point home:  

Scenario 1: 

Imagine seeing a few photos of someone on a dating app and wanting to meet them after reading their bio. You are thrilled at what you see and read. You are so excited when you talk on the phone with them for a few minutes. So excited that you propose to them and ask them to meet you at the court house later that day to get married. You also give them around  $50,000 up front to just sign the documents to make it legally binding and tied together for the unforeseeable future. You also don’t sign a prenuptial agreement and they have access to all finances you worked so hard for years to save. When you leave the courthouse, in a legal binding agreement, you discover they are nothing what they told you. In fact, they just copied and pasted the bio from another profile they saw. Their photos had been photoshopped so much you didn’t even recognize them...